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About Us



Alastair’s interest in kayaking as a leisure activity began in the late 90’s and centred on overnight kayaking camping trips around Lake Taupo with friends. This led to the purchasing of a two seater “sit on top” kayak in 2002 and recent diversification into trout fishing. Experimentation with various kayaking accessories then occurred related to the feasibility of setting up a commercial kayaking trip venture for the Taupo area. This involved the installation and the trial of various kayaking accessories such as: leeboards, kites, outriggers, portable electric thrusters and fishfinders etc.

At this time, valuable advice was offered from Bryan Dalton related to kayak fishing as he was an authorised local agent for “Ocean Kayaks” with an extensive background in ocean and lake fishing. This led to an inquiry to “Surf to Summit” in the USA who specialised in kayaking accessories. We were so impressed with their service and quality of their products that we approached them to become their exclusive distributors for New Zealand and Australia.

This agreement was finalised in late 2005.